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Recruitment is a long-term investment, it must be handled by a recruiting professional expert so that the mission cost is balanced with the quality of the provided service and candidate. Through its methods and streamlined work ENFIELD analyses the client's needs, controls information asymmetries and proposes adapted solutions in order to obtain a quality result.
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Talent is rare, finding it is an Art.

Human resources management is a great challenge, a must for the success of an organisation. Sometimes decision-makers need to "step outside" their usual framework, they seek external advice by consulting us.
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Because a good candidate is always in demand, the ENFIELD team must be fast and efficient.

The world of recruitment is increasingly competitive and valuable candidates are in high demand. The longer the process takes, the greater the likelihood that they will receive an offer from other companies in the meantime. This is why we advocate hyper responsiveness in order to stand out.
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Groups of the CAC 40 trust us. We recruit for them in France as well as for their subsidiaries in Morocco. Thanks to our knowledge of the Moroccan economic fabric and our network, industrial groups listed on the stock exchange trust us.
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It deeply perceives the DNA of your structure
Mrs. Lahiany naturally perceives the profile of the desired candidate in all its dimensions. She takes into account the various facets of the position. But above all, and this is what makes her approach unique, she deeply perceives your own personality as a manager and, even more so, the DNA of your structure. In this way, she guarantees a very successful professional marriage.
Chairman BTP Group
Atypical profiles successfully recruited
We found rare skills in ENFIELD for our search for very atypical profiles.
Trust being the key to our field of activity, Mrs LAHIANY responded without fail and with great kindness throughout the search for profiles.
A big thank you!
CEO Tactical Products Distributor - Defence and Security
The strength to get through the hesitations that don't need to be there
I contacted Enfield to put together a team of engineers with the aim of creating a research and development office. My need was particularly difficult to meet, with very few of the required profiles available and accessible. Despite this, Enfield accepted the mission and fulfilled it with a lot of effort, perseverance and the search for solutions.
Head of R&D Optronics
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