Successful executive recruitment

Recruitment agency for middle and high management. Recruitment by direct approach.

We are looking for exceptional leaders to lead your organisation to success. These include business leaders, managing directors and chief executives.

Successful organisations have strong leaders. The attitude, energy and business acumen of these individuals often create the culture to which others respond and follow. ENFIELD specialises in identifying board members and senior executives whose skills and personal qualities can make a measurable difference to an organisation's performance.

The appointment of a CEO, COO, senior manager or director is not just about identifying exceptional individuals. An effective board requires a range of skills, attributes, personalities and behaviours that complement each other, so the selection of a new team member must be considered in great detail.

Flotation, turnaround, merger, acquisition, diversification, continued growth are all reasons why it may be necessary to bring a senior executive into an organisation. Whatever the reason, ENFIELD has the experience and dedication to help clients find the people who will make a difference.
We proactively search for and supply, on a permanent or interim basis, high-level executives, managers and directors.
Recruitment solutions :
Executive search/headhunting
Accelerated search for candidates via our network 
International and multi-role/team recruitment
Functions usually recruited :
Executive Head
Head of Operations
Director General
Vice President
Country, division or business unit managers
General Managers
If you need to recruit board members and senior staff, CONTACT US.


Atypical profiles successfully recruited
We found rare skills in ENFIELD for our search for very atypical profiles.
Trust being the key to our field of activity, Mrs LAHIANY responded without fail and with great kindness throughout the search for profiles.
A big thank you!
CEO Tactical Products Distributor - Defence and Security
Professional support
As part of my recruitment process, I had the opportunity to discover ENFIELD, where I had a single, available contact throughout the process.
I appreciated the professionalism and the personalised follow-up which confirmed my desire for mobility, as well as the quality of the exchanges and the in-depth knowledge of the client company and the position presented.
The adventure continues with ENFIELD as I have now been recruited and the follow-up of my future position is already planned.
HRD Aerospace Group (Morocco)
It deeply perceives the DNA of your structure
Mrs. Lahiany naturally perceives the profile of the desired candidate in all its dimensions. She takes into account the various facets of the position. But above all, and this is what makes her approach unique, she deeply perceives your own personality as a manager and, even more so, the DNA of your structure. In this way, she guarantees a very successful professional marriage.
Chairman BTP Group
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