Depending on your budget and your needs, we offer you the most suitable solution

Full recruitment by direct approach

Understanding the job, the company and stakeholder culture
Identify, select potential candidates
Transmission of the curriculum vitae of successful candidates on a rolling basis
Selection interview of successful candidates
Transmission of evaluation reports
Transmission of reference checks
Regular contact to keep the client informed of the progress of the mission
Weekly Progress Report to report on the progress of the research
Negotiating and taking over
Ensuring the quality of integration follow-up
Resumption of the mission if necessary, according to the conditions defined in the contract
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Headhunting ENFIELD HR Paris

We discover the people behind the CVs to understand their uniqueness

Succeeding in an online job interview

You recruit by yourself and want to make an informed choice about your candidates in the hiring process

Additional job interview
Taking references
Verification of diplomas
Forensic auditing
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Assessing human potential: Soft skills are a critical necessity

If you want to capitalise on employees who will become part of your corporate culture in the long term, we can help you with foolproof methods
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Team cohesion restored thanks to ENFIELD HR


Effective communication from the very start

Eva-Marlène approached me to offer me a job as an R&D engineer in line with my profile. She was able to communicate effectively with me from the very first minute. A few more exchanges showed the common interest that existed between the employer and myself, which led to a meeting the following week. I was pleasantly surprised by the follow-up and the relevance of the exchanges with Eva-Marlène during the recruitment process, as they were not frequent. Moreover, the follow-up after recruitment and during the contract is also very beneficial for me as an employee, but also as a professional. We are still in touch professionally today.
R&D Engineer
Professional, very attentive and always available.
I was approached by Ms LAHIANY for a position as HR Director. Professional, very attentive and always available. She is a very caring person and I really appreciated her support well beyond the recruitment period. Since then, I have asked her to assist me in my recruitment and I am just as satisfied.
Frankness, precision and responsiveness were the key factors of success.
When I contacted Enfield directly, I was impressed by the rigour of the approach and the professionalism of the director. I was quickly put at ease thanks to the transparency and clarity of the exchanges. Frankness, precision in the definition of objectives and responsiveness on both sides were the key factors of success.
General Delegate CAC 40 Group
Rare personal commitment.
Although I was not particularly looking for a job, Ms LAHIANY was able to offer me "the job" that was totally in line with my profile and my personality. Her proximity, her ability to listen and her enlightened advice were very beneficial to me.
Aeronautical Engineer
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