Recruitment consultancy for the chemical industry

Headhunting agency specializing in positions in the pharmaceutical & chemical industries. Direct approach direct approach to the best candidates.

Enfield Paris is one of France's leading executive search firms for the chemical industry, with an extensive and well-established network of chemical candidates, enabling us to match the right people to the right jobs using a wide range of criteria, even for the most specialized positions.

With over 20 years' experience as a recruitment agency for the chemical industry, ENFIELD is well aware of the challenges companies face in their ongoing quest for highly qualified professionals. As experts in talent acquisition, we excel in the art of attracting, recruiting and building relationships with potential candidates. Our executive search consultants keep abreast of current industry trends, making Enfield a competent, effective and efficient partner for recruiting top talent.

ENFIELD is a proven executive search firm dedicated to helping companies gain competitive advantage by providing customized, strategic talent solutions. We leverage our industry expertise and network to deliver exceptional results quickly, even for the most challenging searches.

Tailor-made, flexible recruitment

The chemical industry is facing exponential growth and global expansion, with innovative manufacturing processes and new global hubs increasing the demand for experienced candidates.

ENFIELD's specialist recruitment team understands the impact of the chemical sector's rapid growth and can deliver talent quickly to meet your organization's needs.

Our industry-leading talent network enables us to support all chemical organizations, from start-ups to multinationals, wherever they are based.
Our recruitment consultants have in-depth knowledge of what it takes to find the right candidate in specialized areas of the chemical industry, including
Recruitment solutions :
Polymers, pigments, paints and plastics
Materials and metals
Coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers
Additives, specialties and fine chemicals
Chemical, environmental and water analysis contracts
Personal care, maintenance and hygiene chemicals
Fuels, oils and lubricants
We offer chemical companies extensive support for a wide range of functions within these industries, such as

Research & Development

Materials technology
Product development and improvement
Application development
Analytical development
Process development and optimization


Process development and optimization
Technology transfer
Process scale-up
Plant support/Process chemists

Analysis, quality and regulations

Analytical chemistry
Quality control
Materials testing
Microbiological testing
Application tests
Laboratory technicians
Quality assurance
Regulatory compliance
Here are some of the chemical sectors for which we have recruited high potential candidates:
Mineral chemistry
Organic chemistry
Specialty chemistry
Fine chemistry

Are you looking for chemical engineers for the pharmaceutical industry?



Atypical profiles successfully recruited
We found rare skills in ENFIELD for our search for very atypical profiles.
Trust being the key to our field of activity, Mrs LAHIANY responded without fail and with great kindness throughout the search for profiles.
A big thank you!
CEO Tactical Products Distributor - Defence and Security
Professional support
As part of my recruitment process, I had the opportunity to discover ENFIELD, where I had a single, available contact throughout the process.
I appreciated the professionalism and the personalised follow-up which confirmed my desire for mobility, as well as the quality of the exchanges and the in-depth knowledge of the client company and the position presented.
The adventure continues with ENFIELD as I have now been recruited and the follow-up of my future position is already planned.
HRD Aerospace Group (Morocco)
It deeply perceives the DNA of your structure
Mrs. Lahiany naturally perceives the profile of the desired candidate in all its dimensions. She takes into account the various facets of the position. But above all, and this is what makes her approach unique, she deeply perceives your own personality as a manager and, even more so, the DNA of your structure. In this way, she guarantees a very successful professional marriage.
Chairman BTP Group
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